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The complete catalogue Claude Chappuis's publications can be found on the website of Editions PARTITA.


My first guitar

Method and game/exercise book for children age 6 onwards
Over 120 songs, duets, exercises and pieces make up this book intended for children aged 6 to 11 years, for individual teaching and groups of two.

More information – Editions PARTITA.

Voyage dans les tonalités

Classical and rhythmic guitar
Unique in its style, VOYAGE DANS TONALITÉS, is a classical and rhythmic guitar method that’s a sequel to MY FIRST GUITAR. It’s for young students but can also be used with older students or adults.

More information – Editions PARTITA.

Christmas Time

19 Christmas songs for 1 and 2 guitars and to accompany
This book is aimed at young guitarists and offers Christmas songs of France, Germany, Spain and North America.

More information – Editions PARTITA.


The Clown-Fish

5 entertaining pieces for guitar
Titels: Le poisson-clown – Des pas dans la foule – Sentimental rock – Matin d’été – Vers un autre monde. Video

More information – Editions PARTITA.

Sunrise on the Montana

7 ballads for guitar
These pieces are written in different styles: pop, romantic, classical with touches of jazz or contemporary music. Video

More information – Editions PARTITA.